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2016 Halloween Los Angeles: Custom Halloween Event Planning

2016 Halloween Los Angeles: Custom Halloween Event Planning

2016 Halloween Los Angeles: Custom Halloween Event Planning

custom Halloween event planning by Party Planners LAEvery year, it seems, Halloween Los Angeles events get bigger and more outrageous. But, what’s not to love about Halloween? It’s one of the few holidays everyone can participate in, with both kids and adults making home, school, clubs, and workplaces anything from fun monster mashups to creepy Halloween haunts. Halloween gives us room to dream, play, and become our favorite characters.

Our 2016 season had more custom Halloween events than ever before. As one of the most sought after Los Angeles halloween event planners, between private parties and corporate and public events, Party Planners created our best custom halloween haunts and biggest halloween maze.

After planning a custom Halloween event at the Los Angeles Tennis Club, we created a Halloween maze for United Talent Agency. Their kids’ maze, “Witches’ and Wizards’ Enchanted Castle”, combined Halloween magic and treats with a custom castle set complete with live performers as beloved characters from the Wizard of Oz. For Beach Nation’s Halloween Los Angeles corporate event, we set up a pirate ship and spooky backdrop for their party.

custom Halloween event planning by Party Planners LAIn our larger Los Angeles custom Halloween events, we really pulled out the stops. For Drake’s Virginia Black whiskey brand, we planned a custom Halloween haunt with actors in a special FX scare room. But even that couldn’t top the Halloween maze we created for UCLA “Haunted Hill”. At UCLA’s Covel Hall, we created one of our largest events in Party Planners LA’s history. In a 3-hour Halloween event, over 1300 people enjoyed our 7-room “Haunted Hill” Halloween maze, getting chills from our custom props and FX and lots of scares from live zombie character performers.

Halloween 2016 was a great time for Party Planners LA, and we can’t wait to see what corporate events and custom Halloween haunts Los Angeles has in store for us next year. Here are a few of our snapshots of this season’s events. For complete galleries of our Halloween mazes and events, click the links:

UCLA “Haunted Hill” Halloween maze – preparations
UCLA “Haunted Hill” Halloween maze
United Talent Agency: Halloween maze
Beach Nation: Halloween corporate event
Spooktacular 13th Birthday party


For more information about Party Planners Halloween event planning services, please see our custom Halloween event planning page.